Our song

I saw your name on my phone. I closed my eyes and took a breath. It was going to hurt. No matter what the words, They would hurt. Nothing you do to me does not hurt. It’s pain. All of it. I willed myself to ignore it. But of course I couldn’t. I never could … More Our song

Fuck you

Fuck you. For all the things you did to me. And to us. Fuck you. For making love a monster. Something to fear. Fuck you. For setting me back a million years. So far I can’t even see the starting line. Fuck you. For giving up what we had. And what we could have had. … More Fuck you

A promise

I don’t know if you come here. I don’t know if you read my words. I don’t write them for you. But if you do I want you to know. To know that I’m ok. And not because I think you care. But you need to know you didn’t destroy me. You took my power. … More A promise


I rang the bell and waited. I was nervous, but only slightly so. I was fearless and full of life. And it showed. There was a flame that flickered brightly. Everybody saw it. It drew them to me. It drew you to me. You greeted me with open arms. I didn’t hesitate to accept your … More Something


I fear you will haunt me for some time. Your words echoing in my head. And in my heart. The love. The hate. All of it. I let you in so deep. So deep you nearly drowned me. Pulling me down further and further. Letting me up just enough to catch a breath. And then … More Fears


I am not the same as I was then. When you knew me. You don’t know me anymore. Even though it was you that changed me. My heart is different. It’s all different. There are moments I wish I could go back, To who I was then. But I know I can’t. And I shouldn’t. … More Different